Our Philosophies

Why Business Health?

Business Health is a doctor-led service providing authoritative, pragmatic advice to both employees and managers about fitness for work, workplace adjustments and support. Detailed clinical assessments explore medical reasons for absence and difficulties in the workplace, clearly separating them from non-medical issues.

We provide clear, prompt and pragmatic advice to managers, defining and justifying adjustments where there is a real medical need. We spend time with employees explaining their illnesses, focusing on capability rather than incapacity, exploring treatment options and demonstrating self-help strategies.

Our emphasis on self-help empowers employees to take control of her physical and emotional difficulties building hope, understanding and practical self-reliance. Verbal advice is supported by our unique set of web-based training and support videos, printouts and text messaging prompts.

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Meet the Team

If you have any questions regarding Business Health’s services or would like to know a little more about us, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Dr Andrew Dickson

Occupational Health Physician

30 years of experience as a practising physician and has considerable experience in health promotion and wellbeing services.

Carly Shell

Media Management

Carly manages our website, blogs, audios, videos and news updates aswell as helping out with other general administrative duties.

Sheldon Durant

Business Development

Sheldon is responsible for looking after our customers as well as looking for further businesses that may benefit from our services.

Dr Karen Nightingale

Consultant Occupational Health Physician

Broad experience, a pragmatic approach and a focus on corporate as well as individual needs

Lena McMahon

Operations Manager

Lena manages bookings and enquiries and is the principal interface with clients : call her on 07866 459 219.

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