Medical Services Overseas

Medical Services Overseas (MSO) advises international companies on health issues in the developing world, promoting cost efficient, quality care.

Health Audits provide practical, sustainable and low cost solutions to problems including emergency preparedness, occupational health, regular medical care, water quality, sanitation and insect control.

Other services include health seminars and telephone counselling services for expatriates and business travellers.

Medical Services Overseas helps international companies to manage health risks in resource poor countries. Central to all advice is on-site audit, covering reviews of emergency care, occupational health provision, standards of local clinics and hospitals, employment health legislation, drinking water quality, insect control, sewage disposal, staff training and opportunities for community health projects. Solutions given are simple, sustainable, evidence based and cost efficient.

For managed projects we monitor health activities weekly using returns to train, support and encourage health professionals in delivering highly cost-effective clinical care while developing simple disease prevention services.

Health Seminars train expatriates and business travellers in the recognition and management of health hazards in the developing world. All courses are doctor-led and hands-on.

Counselling Services provide counselling by ‘phone – anywhere in the world – for employees and families working abroad, helping to keep employees at work and preventing relationship breakdowns. All counsellors are accredited and trained in the UK. Physician back up is included.

Audit & Management

On-site audits are carried out by our principal physician and are central to all Medical Services Overseas recommendations. An extensive report provides practical, sustainable and low cost solutions to health problems:

  • Cutting medical costs
  • Reducing exposure to employee litigation
  • Meeting host country legal standards for employee health
  • Reducing insurance costs
  • Reassuring share holders
  • Promoting the image of the parent organisation
Workplace Health
Emergency Medical Care
Litigation & Compliance
Disease Control
Routine Medical Care
Community Health Projects
Workplace Health

Detailed medical assessments of occupational disease risks in the work place for employees with specific high risk exposures lead to the early detection of preventable ill health, improved productivity and reduced exposure to litigation and advice on health surveillance and disease control.

Workplace assessments address the effects of:

  • Chemical exposures leading to cancers, asthma, liver and/or kidney failure, skin disease and nerve damage
  • Noise, radiation and vibration
  • Infectious micro-organisms
  • Shift patterns and routines of work associate with high rates of illness, absenteeism and accidents
Emergency Medical Care

Audits include reviews of:

  • An emergency exercise, on site
  • Practical skills of the medical team
  • Emergency medical protocols
  • Emergency equipment and training
  • Medical evacuation in-country and overseas
Litigation & Compliance

Expatriate staff can now sue the U.K parent company for illnesses contracted while working for an overseas subsidiary:

  • Cape Asbestos – (Group Claim)
  • Connelly vs. RTZ – House of Lords ruling, 1997.

Medical Services Overseas can reduce liability to litigation by reviewing pre-employment and periodic screening procedures and advising Management on health risks. Medical Services Overseas also reviews health surveillance programmes to ensure compliance with local health and safety law country occupational health legislation.


First Aid courses are tailored to companies’ specific needs and are run by an Medical Services Overseas doctor or an HSE (U.K) accredited trainer.

Other courses include:

  • Continuing education for medical providers
  • Prevention and recognition of tropical diseases
  • Basic food hygiene
  • Water testing
Disease Control

Reviews of:

  • Drinking water quality
  • Sanitation and waste disposal
  • Food hygiene
  • Insect control

all with recommendations for low-maintenance control systems

Routine Medical Care

Medical Services Overseas assesses the quality of local medical care, and forms a working relationship with local doctors and regional specialists, to ensure appropriate and cost effective health care for employees. Where standards require monitoring Medical Services Overseas introduces disease management protocols and monitors compliance by remote audit of weekly clinic returns. Medical Services Overseas can also carry out assays of important drugs where medication purity is a concern.

Community Health Projects

Simple, low cost health projects with defined end-points can bring about considerable improvements in the health of local communities. Projects need to be selected and implemented by the community with planning, funding and supervision from industry. Projects with defined, cost-limited end points are generally preferred – such as the provision of safe drinking water.

Health Seminars

Staying Healthy Overseas – A doctor-led course for expatriates and business travellers.

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Counselling Services

Psychological ill health is common in business travellers and expatriates and in families on long term postings. Medical Services Overseas Counselling Services provide counselling by ‘phone – anywhere in the world – for employees and families working abroad, helping to keep employees at work and preventing relationship breakdowns.

The Problems
What is Counselling?
The Solutions
The Problems

Alcohol Dependence

Marital Problems
Finacial Debt
Drug Dependence

Domestic Violence

Cultural Changes
Family Issues
Personality Problems

What is Counselling?

Counselling helps people to help themselves – to clarify their thoughts, define their aims and achieve their solutions. It is also sensitive, personal and completely confidential.

Counselling can:

  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase well-being
  • Aid legal compliance – duty of care overseas
The Solutions

Medical Services Overseas offers one-to-one continued support and advice from qualified and highly experienced U.K Counsellors. Clients need to make only one short call to set up unlimited telephone consultations at times convenient to them. All consultations are routed from the U.K at no cost to the client and no additional cost to the company. An experienced travel physician is also available at no additional cost.